In-Office & Virtual hygieneEmpowerment Program

Incorporating quality periodontal management into all phases of
the practice

Highest Quality
of Care

Empowered Team Both
Mentally and Physically

Maximized financial
potential & EBITDA

Introduction and Overview

One of the more difficult areas of a dental practice in management is the Periodontics component. There exist challenges in patient acceptance of scaling and root planning over “just a cleaning” and reinforced with minimal 3rd party reimbursement. Attempting to develop a cohesive program can be strained due to multiple roles of the dentist, office manager, and the dental hygienists. Our goal is not only to incorporate what systems can be provided and how they can be implemented, but also why; in fact, we are introducing quality periodontal care into the respective practice.

hygieneEMPOWERMENT’s implementation provides the dental practice with a total periodontal management solution.

Program Steps:

Step 1: Re-work

Quality data collection of the past periodontal experience utilizing easilyacquired metrics from the respective dental practice’s management software.We analyze the data into a format to acquire insight into the practice thatresults in a consultation phone call with the dentist owner.