Our Empowerment Story

“Transforming the quality of life through implant dentistry!”
– Angelique Swann

implantEMPOWERMENT was born of necessity, as a social psychology researcher in biotech and medical device in her early career, implantEMPOWERMENT Founder & President Angelique Swann moved into the dental space in the early 2000’s logging literally thousands of AOX consultations in her career with Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers. With significant insight into patient buying preferences & positive psychology – she elevated to elite selling status during her time with Clear Choice, eventually contributing to both Sales & Operations in her roles.

Later, her clients at Nobel Biocare and The Straumann Group wrestled with how to make their practices ready for the AOX tsunami currently sweeping the country and the world. Over the last 15 years Ms. Swann has empowered Specialists, General Practitioners and some of the largest DSO’s helping them to “transform the quality of life through implant dentistry!”

Throughout the evolution of the firm, Ms. Swann and her Team became fixated on how to help clients break into the fast-moving AOX/Implant space – Enter implantEMPOWERMENT, The only AOX Acceleration & Implementation firm. Her recent partnership with MediaNV was the final jewel in the iE crown, bringing much needed leads generation and a full suite of digital media products & services to the implantEMPOWERED galaxy.

With soon-to-launch Hygiene Empowerment, implantEMPOWERMENT offers a complete wheelhouse of productivity and profit tools for clients brave enough to compete in a crowded marketplace. “Success in the AOX space/Implant Dentistry is not for the faint of heart. It takes speed, guts, and dramatic moves to do this well, and implantEMPOWERMENT knows the operational recipe from molecule to market!”