WHAT IS KTS? (Knowledge Transfer System)

It is with knowledge in mind that implantEMPOWERMENT delivers an AOX/Implant strategy to your practice. Enter implantEMPOWERMENT’s KTS Micro-Learning System, or KTS, designed with your busy practice in mind.

We get it…You are already in the whirlwind of production at your busy practice.

We get it …You have limited time to train on practice enhancement processes.

We get it …You’re already a gifted communicator and you care deeply about people, or you wouldn’t have chosen the career path you have.

These 3 principles are the driving force behind implant empowerment’s KTS Micro-learning System. Designed around key pillars necessary to build a high performance AOX culture, each AOX concept introduced is designed with 3 curriculum elements in mind to drive knowledge through the organization:

1) MindSet : The framework for understanding the concept’s importance & validity to the AOX mission

2) SkillSet : The specific process/behaviors/actions associated with the introduced concept

3) ToolSet : Job aides and work tools to help drive changes associated with the new behavior

Along with our Practice Leader ToolKit, the KTS helps the entire team feel the AOX Magic and contribute behaviorally to the mission.

Notice – we don’t call it training, because it’s not – it’s KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER, uniquely crafted with the talented dental adult learner in mind.