Lab Empowerment

Comprehensive full arch implant dentistry requires knowledge, skill, understanding, plus a Team Approach! While some clinicians can perform the surgery, the restorative, and maybe even the lab work, we know that it just works better when lab strengths align for best AOX outcomes.

That’s where we come in…We help practices & labs make better Lab Workflow decisions and get better outcomes for their patients, their teams and for their practices – all under the implantEMPOWERED brand.

We help labs from fabrication, digital workflow, and efficiency models with new materials and processes, and labEMPOWERMENT provides solutions restoratively and surgically with their proprietary AccelerateX Guide Design and Delivery Process.

Through our AOX Lab Culture Shaper Program Our Team of analogue and digital dentistry lab experts guide you on how to develop the best practices for your dental practice and for your dental lab, all while boosting your market position with proven AOX marketing tactics that foster steady growth.

At labEmpowerment Brian Lindke coaches lab partners in the treatment of complex implant reconstructions utilizing digital technology for planning, surgical guides, provisionalization and definitive final restorations.

Brian Lindke has studied with many world-renowned clinicians and technicians and maintains membership in several prestigious organizations.