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Angelique Swann

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What do proliferating AOX brands have that you may not? They have a logical repeatable system that gets cases in the door and closed. Period.

Our decades–long experience working with DSO’s and private practices has proven:

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems.”

Enter implantEMPOWERMENT. THE AOX empowered system.

“Time used to be a tyrant. Today it’s an assassin.”
-R.R. Donnelley & Sons company advertisement.

Let us help you accelerate your AOX growth.

The marketplace is moving at high-velocity on AOX & Implant Dentistry. You feel it, right? Well organized firms are making BIG moves in the AOX/Implant space, leaving many practices behind. Our clients want to broaden their AOX/Implant mission today. implantEmpowerment is the fuel that lets you accelerate your AOX/Implant growth! Led by experienced IMPLANT sales-operations specialists, implantEMPOWERMENT is an AOX & Implant Dentistry Implementation Firm that helps you close more implant cases sooner. Period.

From first call to patient consultation, patient finance, insurance mastery and even case surgical execution, implantEMPOWERMENT helps practices pull through on the AOX/Implant operational mission – making your investment in practice marketing pay off.

“If you don’t put your foot on the rope, you’ll never cross the chasm.”
– Brian Lindke

Let us help you accelerate your growth.

We align lab intention with performance and outcomes.

“You can put your boots in the oven, but that don’t make them biscuits.”
– Dallas DJ on Country Radio 105.3 FM

What makes us different? Everything.

Our implantEMPOWERMENT Practice Implementation Team supercharges your marketing spend by operationalizing the AOX/Implant mission with boots on the ground. It’s one thing to get a lead, it’s another to close a case! Big difference. Via our unique KTS micro-learning system, our Team of implant sales & marketing experts engages your practice in a cadence of tactical change that makes your AOX/Implant Dentistry plan a reality.

implantEMPOWERMENT. The ONLY Full Arch Acceleration Firm in the industry!

  • Doctor Lead and & Doctor Owned: Team Empowerment, Lab Empowerment, Hygiene Empowerment & Doctor Empowerment.
  • AOX/Implant Dentistry Treatment Empowerment Model (TEM) for GP’s & Specialists.
  • 90-day Implementation & Acceleration Program – “The AOX Culture Shaper”.
  • Close more implant cases sooner with advanced Patient Finance Strategies. (ONLY available via implantEMPOWERMENT)
  • Drift & Drip Campaigns, In Practice Implant Events & Real World Organic Growth Techniques.


MindSet is Everything – winning AOX BIG is not for everyone, it starts between the ears.
Walk the Talk – I hear what you say, but I SEE what you do, and seeing is believing.
Practice speed, guts, and dramatic moves – especially when taking people’s money.
Shape the Culture or it Shapes you.
Focus on the Future
Measure Change & Reward Results
Transfer Knowledge – don’t “train.”