ORM 101: Managing Your Online Reputation

Google is one of the most well known businesses in the world. It is so popular, that it’s very own name has become a verb and commonly used in everyday language. People use Google for research, to find websites, ask questions, and discover where they are going to eat dinner. Google may seem like a giant corporation and search results are purely based on clicks and luck, but you will be surprised to find out you have some control over your Google ranking. This can be done with Google My Business, a tool utilized by Google that allows your business to pop up in users relevant searches.

What is Google My Business?

You have probably unintentionally used Google My Business multiple times without realizing it. When you search Google for restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, or any sort of business in an area you are using Google My Business. It is basically a database of all the important business information a customer would like if they are considering visiting your business.

When you create a page you will enter information about your business address, description, pictures, hours of operation, phone number, and a few other details that you wish prospective customers to know. Other information will show up on your page that you do not have the ability to alter such as your rating, reviews, and some photos. This allows for the public to give reviews about a business, unfiltered.

How Important Is It To Have A Google My Business?

As mentioned, this is a very popular way for people to find businesses they are in search of in their area. Many times users will search Google maps for a business and if it does not show up, to them, it may not even exist. However, there are additional benefits. For example, if a customer has the name of your business, but no address, they can enter the business name and Google will provide directions. This only works if you have a Google My Business page.

Having an online presence is crucial today in becoming a successful business. Marketing companies specializing in digital marketing and online marketing can specialize in these areas helping you improve your online presence with ease, many of these companies can be found in Calgary. If you are considering the benefits of a Google Business Page, do not hesitate to reach out and improve your marketing.